The children are looked after by 3 qualified teachers and additional staff, which insures that each child can be individually supervised. The English-speaking children can maintain and extend their English knowledge and naturally integrate with German children, whereas the German children get the chance to learn the English language, which is also trained by special language activities.

I am the team leader at Upsy Daisy. I successfully completed my degree in 2008 as a licensed state approved kindergarten teacher and I became a certified team leader in 2014. I also have experience working with blind people and mentally handicapped children and I worked as an au-pair in Spain for one year. During my education I had the possibility to specialize in different fields, how e.g. the youth work, Krippenpaedagogik and Kindergartenpaedagogik. Before I started working at Upsy Daisy in 2010, I worked at an elementary day school for one year, as well as at a nursery school for half a year. Afterwards I decided to work at a preschool. I see each child as an individual, and would like to support and promote the children holistically in their development.
I am a licensed state approved kindergarten teacher. I joined the Upsy Daisy team in October 2014. Before Upsy Daisy, I was at a city kindergarten in Munich-Messestadt for 4 years. From 2011 onwards I was employed at a kindergarten in Munich-Ramersdorf, where I took care of children between the ages of 0 and 6 coming from various ethnic backgrounds. I also have experience as a child and teenage animator at a holiday resort at Fuerteventura. In my spare time I love walking my dog outdoors. For 14 years I have been playing American Football for the Munich Cowboy Ladies with great passion. I look forward to an interesting time with you and your children.
I am the English native teacher at Upsy Daisy and I am originally from Sydney, Australia. I moved to Munich in June 2016. I have a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Philosophy and completed my Graduate Diploma of Primary Education in April 2016. I have a passion for literature and music, and love to introduce children to books and songs from Australian and Aboriginal culture. As a teacher, I believe in facilitating the development of the whole child in a secure and nurturing environment.